Latest StarTimes Kenya Packages and Prices Guide

Startimes Kenya Packages Pricing, bouquets, and channels

Read on to see the StarTimes Kenya packages, bouquets, channels and prices. On the onset of digital migration in Kenya, StarTimes Kenya is one of the companies that became popular for providing affordable digital TV packages.

Today, StarTimes Kenya is one of the biggest TV service providers competing with major companies like Multichoice which operates DStv and Gotv in Kenya. StarTimes Kenya is owned by an international company based in China called StarTimes media.

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Since StarTimes is one of the most popular digital TV service providers in Kenya, we are going to review the company in this article. We are going to focus on StarTimes Kenya packages, StarTimes bouquets, channels, and prices.

 When it comes to digital TV subscriptions, you want to make sure that you choose the best company to avoid errors and downtimes. That said, Kenyans have a limited choice when it comes to TV subscriptions but StarTimes happens to be one of the best company.

About StarTimes Kenya Packages

StarTimes understands that families and households are not equal when it comes to dispensable income. As such, they have different packages that suit different people depending on their budgetary needs.

Their line of products includes a free to air set-top box and paid set-top boxes. For families that want to watch basic TV channels, then the free to air package is the best option.

StarTimes Kenya Packages, Bouquets and channels

FTA decoders do not require you to pay any monthly charge. The decoder shows local channels only but it can be upgraded if you decide you want to watch some international channels.

StarTimes Kenya decoders receive their network from signet and Pang channels. From what I have observed, signet has the strongest network compared to other variances so this is a big plus.

NB: I think it is important to mention to you that you can convert a free to air StarTimes decoder into a paid-TV decoder. The same way, you can downgrade a paid-TV decoder to a free to Air decoder (FTA). Visit the StarTimes website and learn more

StarTimes Kenya Packages, Channels, and Prices

Now that we have familiarized you with the StarTimes Company, let us now see their packages, channels offered and the prices. StarTimes Kenya packages are divided into two categories DTH and DDT.

This may sound like technical terms to you but they are not. Let us look at what each of them means and their offers.

What is DDT/ Aerial?

DDT is an acronym for Digital Terrestrial Technology which basically means that you need to use an antenna or aerial to get the signal. The following are some of the StarTimes Kenya packages offered under DDT category.

StarTimes Bouquet Monthly Subscription Fee Number Of Channels
Unique Ksh 1,499 76+ Channels
Classic Bouquet Ksh 999 57+ Channels
Basic Ksh 599 37+ Channels
Nyota Bouquet Ksh 259 10+ Channels

What is DTH/ Satellite Package?

DTH is an acronym that stands for Direct Home Bouquet. The packages offered under DTH can only be accessed if you have a satellite dish connected to your TV.

In order to get the best of both worlds, StarTimes also have HD combo decoders that come with both DTH and DDT signals. The decoder currently sells for Ksh 2000 in Kenya and comes with a one-month free unique bouquet offer.

Bouquet Monthly Subscription Fee Number Of Channels
Nova + Ksh 449 35 Channels
Indian Ksh 899 7+ Channels Add-ons
Smart Ksh 899 69+ plus 25 Audio Channels
Chinese Ksh 1,999 69 Channels Plus 12 Chinese
Super Ksh 1,499 100+ Channels, 4HD + 25 Audio

How to pay StarTimes Kenya Packages subscription

To continue enjoying your TV entertainment without problems, you should ensure that your subscription is paid in time. StarTimes Kenya has different modes of payment which you can use to pay your subscription. Use one of the following payment options to pay for your StarTimes Kenya package subscription.

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Safaricom MPESA Option

  • Go to M-PESA Menu on your phone
  • Select Pay Bill option
  • Business no.585858
  • Enter your StarTimes Smartcard Number as the account number
  • Put the Amount (the package subscription amount)
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send

Orange Money payment option

  • Go to Customer access Orange Money
  • Select “Payments”
  • Enter Star Times Media Business Number (585858)
  • Enter Bill Reference Number (Smartcard No.)
  • Input amount to be paid.
  • Confirm request and select send

EQUITY ATMs Payment option

To pay your StarTimes Kenya packages via Equity ATM machine, follow the following procedure

  •  Insert your ATM Card on ATM Machine
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select Bill Payment Option
  • Select StarTimes
  • Enter your Smartcard number and select correctly. (Note: Smartcard number is the first 11 digits without space)
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • StarTimes Kenya

Equity EZZAY 247 Payment Option

  • On your mobile dial *247#
  • Enter your EZZAY 247 PIN
  • Select Bill Payment Option (Option 5)
  • Select Other Bills (Option 2)
  • Enter your Equity bank account.
  • StarTimes Business number – 585858
  • Enter your smartcard number as the Reference number. (Note: Smartcard number is the first 11 digits without space).
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm Transaction

Airtel Money Option

  • Select to Make Payments Option
  • Go to Pay Bill
  • Select Others
  • Enter the Business name IPAY
  • Select the total amount to send as directed by StarTimes
  • Put your PIN
  • Enter your StarTimes Account Number (starting with ‘st’) as the reference number
  • For instance, if your Account number is 54321, then please enter st54321as the reference number
  • You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from Airtel Money.
  • You will also receive a complimentary confirmation SMS from StarTimes

How to change your StarTimes Bouquet

To perform basic account management, StarTimes Kenya allows its subscribers to perform various tasks on their StarTimes Kenya self-service portal.

One of the tasks that subscribers can perform on the StarTimes Kenya self-service portal is to change their StarTimes package. Follow these simple steps to change your StarTimes package:

  • Login to StarTimes self-service
  • Choose your smart card on the Service page
  • Press Bouquet button
  • Choose the Bouquet you want to change to
  • Click the next button
  • Enter your decoder Number and finish

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