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When the iPhone 5 first arrived in the market, it was proclaimed to be “the most beautiful and best-built phone ever” and that claim still holds up to date. The iPhone 5 and the 5s are iconic phones built during the Steve Job’s era when iPhones were built for quality and functionality.

Even today, Apple themselves have not managed to build another device that comes close to matching the fit and finish they achieved on the iPhone 5.

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Although the phone may not have the bells and whistles of 4 cameras and pop out or flip-up fancy selfie-cams, it is an iconic phone that was built to last a lifetime and heck yeah, it looks damn good and gives you some class.

It all kicks off with the etched aluminum back. Gone are the glass back and steel sides of old to be replaced with a single piece of aluminum that’s carved to form the back and sides.

This is etched on the back and sides to create a matt look. As well as looking great it also makes the phone easier to grip and keeps it from slipping quite so easily.

iPhone 5s Review

The iPhone 5, like all iPhones before it, is an evolution rather than a revolution. It is by far the biggest evolution we’ve seen for years with a new design that has held up quite well along with superior functionality like the superfast 4G connectivity.

A number of high profile news stories emerged soon after the iPhone 5 release. These ranged from the metallic back and side chipping and revealing the aluminum beneath to issues with battery life and the Apple Maps fiasco.

 The most complained about aspect of the iPhone 5 is battery life. More than 2,500 owners gave the iPhone 5 an average of 6.8/10 for battery life. The Galaxy S3 and S4 score 7.3 and 7.6 out of 10 respectively.

The answer to all the complaints was the launch of the iPhone 5s which took everything to a whole new level. To date, the iPhone 5s remains one of the best iPhones ever built and is the last real iPhone ever built before Steve job’s death.

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