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Bold Cashers Kenya is one of the latest digital platforms that could help you make extra money if you are into digital marketing. The promise of quick money has frustrated many Kenyan youths and in the process, people have lost money to scams. One of the worst scams that people will live to remember is Public Likes which went under with millions.

UPDATE: You can now get Bold cashers as a mobile app Download Bold Cashers Now

Since then, the government has been serious about licensing all digital and online businesses. For the time they have been operational, Bold Cashers Kenya has shown diligence and honesty in the way they operate.

I have been using Bold Cashers for some time now and trust me it is quite a legit way of earning some extra cash in your pocket.

You will not make millions of course but you can make money that will get you started in life. Personally, Bold Cashers Kenya has helped me settle bills and treat myself without putting a strain on my salary.

How Bold Cashers Work

Most of you are on this article because someone referred you or because you heard about Bold Cashers and you want to know more about it. That is exactly what I am going to do, I will explain to you how you can make money with the platform and establish your life.

Bold Cashers utilizes a referral system and it is through referrals that you make money. Bold Cashers is an application that allows you to do several things as you will see ones you download it.

Because they want many people to know about the app, they recommend you to refer another person to join the platform. One’s a person joins through your referral, you earn commissions of Ksh. 650 and indirect commissions of Ksh. 450.

Think of it this way: You have bought a phone from a shop and realize that the phone is really good.

At the same time, you have a friend of yours who needs a phone so you refer them to the shop where you bought your phone.

Because of your referral, the shop decides to gift you a cash commission and promises to do so if you keep bringing new customers. That is how Bold Cashers Kenya basically operates.

Is Bold Cashers Legit or a Scam?

Like any other Kenyan who has been scammed online, you have the right to question whether or not Bold Cashers Kenya is a Scam.

I will go straight to the point and tell you that Bold Cashers Kenya is NOT a scam and they have not paid me to say so. The thing is, you will have to go out of your comfort zone and look for referrals if you want crazy money.

Some people think that you just join Bold Cashers and start to mint money from them. That is a very misguided approach if you are joining to make quick money.

There is nothing like quick and easy money and I have always told people that but some never care to listen.  If you are determined to join Bold Cashers, be prepared to work hard if you need to earn money from the platform.

Bold Cashers has all the qualities of a legitimate business and I say that with a lot of confidence. If you can recall how previous scams used to operate, then you will realize that you are the one who has total control of your Bold cashers account, not them. Take a look at this comparison;

Qualities of Bold Cashers Kenya

  • Bold Cashers is a registered business that is regulated by the Kenyan government, unlike previous companies which were multinationals and unregulated in Kenya.
  • Bold Cashers is a local company with a work permit and certification to work in the country.
  • Most scams do not have a clear business model but Bold Cashers is an app that helps you solve several problems and make money through referrals as well.
  • While scams keep asking for a registration fee every month to retain membership, bold cashers only ask for a one-time registration fee.
  • Scams control every aspect of your business and even limit your withdrawals to a specific day or time. Bold Cashers allows its members to withdraw money they have earned at any time.
  • Bold Cashers is a licensed company
  • This platform offers you generous commissions which should communicate value to you
  • Bold Cashers is a registered and regulated company
  • This platform seeks to solve a genuine problem and at the same time help people to generate income
  • You can withdraw your earnings from Bold Cashers any time or any day
  • The registration fee is a onetime fee of KSH 1550.

Services offered by Bold Cashers

Apart from their affiliate program that allows people to make money through referrals, the Bold Cashers platform also offers other services including;

Bill Payments and money transfer:  Do you want to pay for your decoder, buy tokens, pay water bills and so much more? Bold Cashers facilitates the process of payment by making ready the paybill numbers of all major businesses in Kenya.

Still, through Bold Cashers, you can send money to any network (MTN or Airtel in Uganda and MPESA in Kenya) at very minimal fees.

  • Cash Chat (Mobile APP)
  • Bold Cashers has been integrated into Cash Chat. You will be able to access your Bold Cashers account on Cash Chat. Cash chat has the following features;
  • Audio Sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Messaging
  • Calling

How to Earn with Bold Cashers

Now that we have talked about almost every aspect of Bold Cashers Kenya, let us look at the aspect that most of you have been waiting for and that is making money with Bold Cashers. We will get started right away:

To join Bold Cashers, you only need a one-off registration/subscription fee of Ksh.1550. I know most of you can afford that. It is even less than what most of you spend when you go on a night out, right??

You pay the registration fee and you are done. Now the ball is in your court and all you need is to refer your friends, family and just about anybody who may be interested in joining.

  • For the first person who joins under you, you get a commission of Ksh. 650
  • The second person who joins under your referral, you get Ksh. 650
  • 3rd direct referral commission you get Ksh. 1150/-
  • 4th direct referral commission is Ksh. 1150/-
  • 5th, 6th, 7th direct referral commission is Ksh.1150
  • Even better, if someone you brought refers another person to join, you get an indirect commission of Ksh. 450.

How to Pay Bold Cashers Subscription

Method 1

  1. You can pay directly from the platform by going to
  2. Pay Subscription
  3. Enter the mobile number the money will be billed from
  4. A prompt will be sent to your phone
  5. Enter your pin and you will be done

Method 2

  1. Pay using M-Pesa Paybill number
  2. Go to M-Pesa menu
  3. Select Lipa na M-Pesa
  4. Choose paybill option
  5. Enter paybill number: 218199
  6. Account Number: BC
  7. Enter amount 1550/=
  8. Finish the payment process.

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