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Infoweez.com is the newest blog in town for all your information and entertainment needs. We have the best in trending news, how-to instructions, and government updates. We are a dedicated website for the new generation in an era which is very versatile in the way it provides information. This website provides solutions to the basic challenges that face Kenyans. Infoweez.com features entertaining, informative, controversial and trending content.

This website provides high-value content for our readers’ every day as a primary aim of entertaining and informing Kenyans.

Principles that guide Infoweez.com

  1. Infoweez.com is by no means dependent on private individuals and neither is the website influenced by any government parties. The website solely relies on revenues generated from our Advertisers and other online business dealings.
  2. Our primary goal is to source information and avail it in the most basic and readable form that can be consumed by any Kenyan regardless of their age. The website uses the command of both Swahili and English tongues to ensure that information has been systemized in the most understandable form.
  3. Infoweez.com is not limited or restrained to one topic and hence the website reserves all the rights to talk about anything that affects Kenyans directly or indirectly.
  4. Infoweez.com understands that businesses can only thrive if they have good marketing strategies. As such, the website provides very reliable, affordable and quality marketing packages to our clients with their concerns at heart.
  5. The Website seeks to promote entertainment, knowledge, economic prosperity and political stability through guiding the Kenyan internet space in the right direction.
  6. Infoweez.com is a non-biased website hence all the stories are approached from an observer’s point of view. Authors are solely reliable for making single-sided reflections or decisions.
  7. Our editorial team makes sure that any data that is posted on the site is verified to avoid misinformation and confusion.
  8. We acknowledge the versatility of all our readers as infoweez.com and take time to respond and consider every reader. Infoweez.com is open to cooperation with independent contributors to improve the quality of content we give to our readers.

As a TRUSTED website, INFOWEEZ.COM will try to be as transparent as possible with our readers as a way of Appreciating YOU as our audience. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!